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What to look for when buying a house

Buying a house is a pivotal moment in anyone’s life, and the experience can often seem daunting. At Charles Rose Properties, we want to reduce your stress and let you enjoy the journey, so our experts offer their advice on what you should look out for when you’re searching for a new residence.

Making the most of your viewings

You may have been told in the past to make ‘every moment count’ and in the context of viewing your next house, this is no exception to the rule. Take your time and become entirely immersed in the house you are viewing. We recommend that prospective buyers spend around 5 minutes per bedroom and 10 minutes in communal areas to take in the space and consider how it will work for you.

The feel of the room, the view from the windows, access to light, whether an echo subsides; all of these and more are characteristics that you will most likely inherit from your purchase, so taking your time is essential in helping you make your decision. Never feel rushed and always remember, this is your potential home.

Examining the interior

Once you’ve gained a general feel for each room, another valuable tip when buying a house is to go for a closer look in and around the home for things that may need replacing or restoring. Over years of serving the Leamington and Warwick areas in both buying and selling properties, we’ve found that taking a closer look at areas such as the walls, ceilings, and floors is oftentimes a tell-tale view of how well the property has been maintained.

Look around for cracks in the walls – smaller, straight-lined cracks could be an indication of drywall shrinkage and could be easily rectified, whereas larger and more angled cracks could suggest structural movement that may need addressing.

Walked into a room with a humid feel and musty smell? This could be a sign of damp. Another tip is to pay attention to loose wallpaper and condensation patches near the floor that may have developed as a result of rising damp, and if you’re unsure then ask the property consultant or your estate agent for any history of damp throughout the property.

Inspecting the exterior of the house

When buying a house, it’s always a good idea to view the exterior as well as the interior to find any further wear that may need attention. Here you’ll find some of the more significant issues that, over time, could develop in the interior. Keeping a keen eye for detail goes a long way for ensuring the longevity of your potential house.

Look for rotten woodwork or wet rot near the windows, this could also be a contributing factor to any damp that you may face indoors. Smaller holes can be resolved by yourself,  however, larger and more severe examples may need the services of a dry rot specialist like Dri-Zone Preservation, based in Nuneaton.

Cracks on the outside of the property may potentially be a clearer signal of structural damage than cracks found on the inside. An important tip to consider on your viewing is that cracks that move in a vertical or diagonal direction may suggest foundation movement, others that widen towards the top or bottom may also suggest that the wall is heaving gradually, a  problem which could undermine the integrity and safety of the wall. This, over time, can present itself as a serious issue and should be addressed either by your estate agent or the seller at the earliest convenience.

At Charles Rose Properties, we are here for you throughout the process of buying a house; our estate agents are experts in connecting people to their perfect home.

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