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Council Tax Rates

If you’re looking at buying a house in Leamington Spa or the surrounding areas, it is important to take Warwickshire council tax into consideration in your search. Council tax is calculated based on the value of your property and tiered tax bands, and is calculated on the basis of two adults living in the home – you will receive 25% off your bill if you are the only legal adult in the property.

The tax bands used to calculate council tax are based on the property’s value on 1st April 1991, even if it was built after this date (this is calculated using the Nationwide House Price Index), and is split into eight tiers from A (property worth up to £40,000) to H (property worth over £320,000).

Leamington Council Tax Rates

For example, in Leamington Spa for the financial year from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020, the council tax charges ranged from £1,232.46 for a Band A dwelling, to £3,844.36 for a property in Band H. The charges are currently £1,281.45 for Band A and £3,844.36 for Band H in the financial year 2020/21. If you are looking at Warwick property for sale, it is important to find out which band your home would belong to.

Is Warwickshire Council Tax Increasing?

It is worth noting that there was intended to be a referendum held on the 25th March 2020 to vote on whether Warwickshire Council Tax should be increased in order to fund a climate change programme. This was postponed due to coronavirus restrictions, however, as per the council’s referendum statement they plan to revisit this in their 2020/21 budget review.

Whilst this may mean a change in council tax rates going forward, the programme is intended to make the council carbon-neutral by 2025 by reducing air pollution, increasing efficiency of homes, and improving the environment by creating more green spaces alongside introducing tree-planting schemes.

Looking For Your Perfect Home?

We are a local Warwickshire estate agent, and are happy to help with any enquiries you have about council tax. Simply give us a call on 01926 832411 and our team will help you with any advice you might need.

You can check the Council Tax band a home is in by entering the postcode on the Warwick District Council website.

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