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July 31st 2020

Selling Your House for the Best Possible Price: Our Top Tips

The best way for you to sell your house completely depends on your preferences.

Some people are keen to shift their house as fast as possible. Others are content to let a house sit on the market for a while, while they say goodbye and shop around at a relaxed pace for their new property.

Most people are mainly concerned with selling their home at the best price possible.

This article gives some need-to-know tips for those in the UK looking to get an offer at or above their asking price.

Tidy Up (But Don’t Overdo It)

If you want to get a premium on your home, you’ll have to make sure it’s spick and span — or maybe just clean and tidy. After all, some people go too far, spending hundreds or thousands of pounds and countless hours clearing away a decade’s detritus only to produce a sterile, cold property that feels under-furnished and under-inhabited.

A balance has to be struck between tidiness and warmth, between neatening-up and neurosis. Buyers want a clean, defect-free property, but they also want to see it in action as a home, somewhere they can fall in love with.

Give a Good First Impression

With that said, the view from the kerb tends to set the tone for a viewing. A messy garden, stained windows and overflowing bins might scupper a guided tour from the get-go.

Remembering to weed the flowerbeds, clean the windows and run a sponge over the family car as often as needed could be worth thousands of pounds in the long run. A well-managed first impression can let the rest of the property speak for itself.

Make Sure Your Estate Agent Is in the Know

Using a local estate agent doesn’t just support the local economy and make getting in touch with them easier, it can also help secure a better price.

More local agents know the area inside out, have a good grasp of the regional market and a network of personal connections that can help you get the most value for money.

Charles Rose is one of the leading estate agents in Warwick, with a track record of increasing the chances of selling your property quickly and for a good price.

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